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The mission of IPL is to become the premiere company for life, business and organization transformation through seminars, workshops, and individualized coaching experiences.

Many, due to our experiences, our history, our culture, and our beliefs have not been able to experience life at the peak. It is the goal of IPL to provide the inspiration, information, and motivation necessary for each learner to experience all that life has to offer.

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 (IPL) follows a transformative learning approach, working with each learner to develop the self-awareness and critical reflexive skills necessary to contemplate, assess, and make meaning of their beliefs, assumptions and mental models which lead to limiting behaviors and actions. Through group-based seminars, workshops and individualized coaching experiences, IPL develops within each learner the motivation and determination to embrace their future without fear of the past, fear of failure, or fear of the unknown.  With its personalized approach, IPL provides the inspiration for each learner to experience the best version of their lives. With its proprietary application of appreciative inquiry for personal and professional transformation, IPL equips each learner with tools to discover talents, dream of the limitless possibilities of their future, drench themselves in the power of flow, design their future roadmap, and deliver the life of their dreams.

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