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Welcome to the Institute for Peak Living (IPL). Peak Living represents the greatest and most fulfilling moments in our lives. These moments are characterized by intense joy, wholeness, satisfaction, aliveness, richness, beauty, uniqueness, insight, and achievement. As Abraham Maslow identified in his hierarchy of needs and human motivation, just as we need air, food, water, and shelter, one of our basic needs is to experience life at the peak. More acutely, as a member of the human family, it is our innate right to achieve this level of living. 

Many, due to our experiences, our history, our culture, or our beliefs have not been able to experience life in this way. It is the goal of IPL to provide the inspiration, information, and motivation necessary to live in this manner. Through seminars, workshops, and individualized coaching experiences, IPL bridges the gap between our current life to a life of our dreams.

IPL uses the latest approaches to facilitate transformative learning experiences. IPL leverages intentional engagement techniques, critical reflective practices, and appreciative inquiry methods to deliver life-changing in-person and virtual events. 

Are you ready to experience life the way it was intended? Are you ready to live life at the peak? If so, I invite you to sign-up for our next 8-week intensive workshop. This workshop requires participants to be fully present, intentionally engage, and critically reflect. If you would like to learn more about our approach before signing up for the 8-week intensive workshop, we have a FREE introductory seminar designed to familiarize with IPL’s practices. Perhaps you are interested in an individualized experience, IPL also offers a personalized coaching program as well.

We all have a desire, a need, and ultimately a right to live at the peak. If you are not experiencing life in this way, sign-up with IPL today.

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